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The Abolitionists


Christian Lemar

Published Date

November 2022

“An evocative and inventive story with a compellingly complicated lead."
- Kirkus Reviews

Our inaugural publication tells the story of Hermod Vincent a young queer, Black Brooklynite who is also the world's most powerful demigod. We follow Hermod as he navigates his queerness and his power and an often times hostile world all while his soul is slowly usurped by his ancestors, the powerful twin abolitionist witches, Juno and Vincent.

Though he wants to maintain his pledge to use his powers to serve, we see Hermod struggle to remain faithful to anyone beneath him except for Elliot ‘Lee’ Sanchez: his partner his joy, his balance.

Hermod’s mind, love, and world are totally destabilized as he is slowly and completely possessed by the spirit of his Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt and Uncle.

The Abolitionists is the first in Christian Lemar's 'A Star in the Void' series. He is currently working on the sequel.

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